Who is the best SuiteCRM consulting, development, and support company in the UK?
We are!

Benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of the UK’s largest and most experienced team of SuiteCRM Consultants and software developers.

Accellier employs two SuiteCRM Consultants and has a team of 12 full-time SuiteCRM developers and support specialists.

Our SuiteCRM customer base ranges from micro-businesses with just 2 users up to mid-market businesses with 320 users (90% of our SuiteCRM customer base has 10 to 80 users) and we are just as enthusiastic about helping with smaller/simpler requirements as we are larger and more complex ones.

Here are a few of our customers who have trusted us with their SuiteCRM projects…

Our SuiteCRM Consulting and other services include:

SuiteCRM Experts

Accellier has two SuiteCRM business consultants, both of whom have been successfully delivering SuiteCRM-based projects for over 15 years each.


SuiteCRM Consulting

Although not needed for all projects, Accellier is the only company that works with SuiteCRM that employs proper Consultants who are experts in business analysis, process improvement, process automation, and data analysis. It is these skills that really set us apart from our ‘techier competitors’ (99% of SuiteCRM Consultants are only software developers), we are renowned for gaining a rapid understanding of complex requirements, and processes, designing and delivering solutions that really address business challenges/issues and that deliver the expected business outcomes


SuiteCRM Customisation

SuiteCRM provides a lot of capabilities out of the box and for many customers, most requirements can be fulfilled through the configuration of delivered options quickly and easily, whether this involves hiding and turning things off features and modules that are not needed to simplify the use of a CRM where requirements are more modest.


SuiteCRM Development

Many businesses choose to use the open-source version of SuiteCRM because of the flexibility and extensibility that it provides.

All aspects of SuiteCRM can be modified whether you need to add new functionality to an existing module, develop custom new modules to support your business processes and the data that you need to work with or create automation and custom workflows.

If you can define it, we can usually develop it – and if something isn’t a good idea and/or using SuiteCRM for a particular requirement isn’t a good fit we will tell you upfront. Over the last 9 years of trading, we have successfully completed 100% of SuiteCRM projects and we are not going to take on something that there is any risk of us not delivering.

Due to the scale of our SuiteCRM team and the amount of development that we do we have built up a library of components that can be re-used which can help reduce development costs and shorten implementation timescales.


SuiteCRM New Module Development


Developing new modules in SuiteCRM is a relatively straightforward process, new modules can be small and simple or larger and more complex it will all depend on your business requirements, processes, and the data that you need to work with.

New modules can be used as simple placeholders for storing data, they can include other functionality or be included as part of a business process perhaps with automated workflows/processes as part of the process.

SuiteCRM Integration


It is very common for businesses to integrate SuiteCRM with other applications such as their website (so leads are captured in the CRM automatically), marketing automation tools, ERP solutions (orders pushed to ERP for processing/fulfillment), accounting software, and many other applications.

Increasingly a CRM system is often the one place in a business where users can go to see a 360-degree view of everything that is happening with customers and in order to achieve this SuiteCRM can be integrated with any number of other applications in order to achieve a consolidated view of what’s happening.

Accellier has developed its own lightweight integration framework specifically for SuiteCRM projects, this allows us to complete integration projects quickly and it can also be set up to provide monitoring on the integration that performs data checks (in order to check all data is being received) and also check that the integration is running.

SuiteCRM Data Migration

We are experts in migrating data out of other systems (databases, other applications, and Microsoft Excel) and importing it into SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM Advanced Workflows

When creating automated workflows, processes, and other tasks we typically use a 3rd party Advanced Workflow module (cost circa £650) as this approach provides many benefits:

  • Development time saved by using drag-and-drop tools will more than pay for the cost of the license
  • Workflows, processes, and other tasks often need to be changed/modified over time, and using this module will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete this work
  • This approach usually provides the best and most flexible solution

SuiteCRM Hosting

Many SuiteCRM systems are business-critical applications that businesses rely heavily on and the infrastructure that they run on needs to be appropriate for each use case.

When evaluating SuiteCRM hosting options there are two areas that should be considered carefully:

– RTO (Recovery Time Objective), if your system goes down what is the longest period of time that you can live without SuiteCRM before your system is recovered?

– RPO (Recovery Point Objective), if you lose a server/data center/cloud provider due to technical issues or worse a wide-scale data center outage how much data can you afford to lose?

Accellier’s SuiteCRM hosting platform addresses both RTO and RPO in an affordable way. All of our hostings are a compromise of pairs of 2 dedicated servers that are running in different data centers (each 200+ miles apart), one server acts as the production/live application, and the second server as a business continuity/disaster recovery service that data is replicated to every few minutes. in the event that the production/live server is lost, we can quickly failover to your business continuity/disaster recovery server (a manual process), and your CRM along with all of your up-to-date data will be present.

In addition to having your SuiteCRM system and data available in two separate data centers we also take a daily 3rd backup and store this in a completely separate data center as an additional level of protection.

SuiteCRM Training

Training is an often overlooked aspect of implementing a new CRM solution, yet it is one of the areas that can have the biggest effect on whether a project is successful or fails.

Whilst we can do training on the standard SuiteCRM functionality and processes, it is often far more beneficial to train users on company-specific processes (and functionality within them).

We regularly provide:

  • User Training
  • Administrator Training

SuiteCRM Support

Around 90% of the SuiteCRM solutions that we implement/develop we continue to host and support for our customers on a long-term basis and all of our hosted/supported customers receive:

SuiteCRM Helpdesk

CRM systems are often business-critical, users need to be able to report issues/bugs and have them resolved in a timely manner.

Users also need the ability to ask advice, get questions answered, and discuss use cases and our first-line support team can often provide near real-time answers to most of these.

SuiteCRM Monitoring

All of the CRM solutions that we host and support are fully monitored on a 24x7x365 basis. This monitoring in many cases allows us to identify issues before they get to affect the reliability/availability of the system.

For all customers we monitor the data center availability, infrastructure/server, hypervisor/operating system, web server, SuiteCRM application, Database, and SSL certificates on a very granular level.

SuiteCRM Routine Updates and Administration

It is important for reliability, performance, correct operation and Data Protection Act/EU GDPR Regulations that updates to operating systems, 3rd party modules, databases, etc are updated in a timely manner and checked on a monthly basis.

The most important aspect of routine maintenance is without a doubt the database administration, any errors should be fixed quickly before they get the opportunity to turn into bigger problems that could end up corrupting part/all of the database. Re-indexing of the database and performance tuning will ensure that search queries and the general performance of your SuiteCRM installation run fast and isn’t hindering the speed at which users can work.

Who Uses SuiteCRM?

Over 550,000 businesses are estimated to use SuiteCRM including start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Our own SuiteCRM customers range from 3 to 450 users (most are in the 8 to 60 user range) and come from a wide range of different industries including Associations, Institutes, Charities, Manufacturing, Service Sector, Utility Brokers, Financial Advisors, Service Providers, Training Companies, Professional Services, Construction and others.

Is Suite CRM a Good Fit For Your Business?

Experiencing challenges in one or more of the following areas? Then SuiteCRM may be a good fit for you:

  • Not knowing where your business stands
  • Lost revenue potential
  • Lack of a centralized customer knowledge database
  • Missed or inaccurate communications
  • Lack of customer issues/resolution tracking system
  • Missed competitive insights
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Duplicate or inaccurate customer information
  • Ineffective or inefficient business processes

Suite CRM’s Capabilities:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Productivity
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Other custom processes and new modules can be added

Are you ready to explore your options with one of our friendly Suite CRM Consultants? We look forward to helping you!

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