GDPR Policies & Procedures Documents and Templates for Software / SaaS Companies

Like many software & SaaS companies, Accellier is a Data Processor for its customers and we have invested a significant amount of time and money preparing for GDPR compliance which includes an extensive set of policy and procedure documentation.

We have decided to make our GDPR policies and procedures documentation available to other software & SaaS companies for a cost of £400 +VAT in year 1 and annual updates (optional/if required) at a cost of £250 +VAT per year thereafter. All documents will be provided in MS Word format.

Note: Some elements of these documents may need to be edited/amended to suit your own business’s requirements.

  • Information Security Policy
  • Information Classification Policy
  • Risk Treatment Policy
  • Disposal and Destruction Policy
  • Password Policy
  • Incident Management Procedure
  • Incident Log
  • Mobile Device and Remote Working Policy
  • Operating Procedures for IT
  • Access Control Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Clear Desk and Screen Policy
  • Cryptographic Controls Policy
  • Technical Vulnerability Management Policy
  • Supplier and Partner Security Policy
  • Development Guidelines
  • Corrective Actions Log
  • Asset register
  • Document Management Register
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Template
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Log
  • Consent Policy
  • Individual Rights Policy
  • Individual Rights Log
  • Data Transfer Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy

If you are interested in purchasing a set of these documents please contact Mark Hutchinson – 07739 710091 /

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