SuiteCRM vs Vtiger CRM – Which is best?

Which is best?

At least 6 times a week we get asked “which is better SuiteCRM or Vtiger CRM?” and whilst we understand why people frequently ask us this question in the majority of cases it is the wrong question.

Statistically over 50% of all CRM implementations (regardless of traditional software, SaaS or open source) fail to meet at least one key project objective and at the root of failed CRM implementations is often the wrong approach and/or questions being asked.

If you are a business owner of not-for-profit and your approach to selecting an open source CRM solution is to compare SuiteCRM against Vtiger CRM (or any other CRM solutions for that matter) the chances are that you will put a lot of time and effort in to trying to compare two solutions, you will probably miss a number of things or come to the wrong conclusions and still not be any further forward.

How to select CRM solutions

Selecting the most appropriate open source CRM solution for your business or not-for-profit should be a relatively straight forward process, albeit it will take some time and effort to work through correctly. Time invested during the early phases of a CRM project (assuming an appropriate approach is used) will de-risk the project and pay significant benefits.


Many people when reviewing CRM solutions review things from a functionality perspective but not necessarily consider things from a process perspective which in many solutions is probably the most critical aspect of the solution design.

Documenting your business processes is relatively straight forward:

  1. Audit and document processes as they are today
  2. Identify all areas of pain as well as any tasks that could be automated (potentially emails, notifications, transferring data, workflows/processes etc)
  3. Re-work your original process documents until the process design is optimal

If you are able to create process diagrams this is the best method, however even documenting them as lists in MS Word, MS Excel or Google docs will be beneficial.

Modules & Fields


Dashboards & Reports


Other Requirements




General Information

Vtiger – Here – Programming language PHP, Database mySQL.

Sales Agility – Here – Programming language PHP, Databases MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Size of Organisation

Whilst size businesses generally use SuiteCRM or Vtiger CRM?

Vtiger CRM is typically recognised as a solution for small and medium sized businesses. That said there are number of known larger solutions with up to 2400 users, our largest Vtiger CRM customer has 950 users.

SuiteCRM  is also used by small and medium sized businesses, however SuiteCRM is focussed on competing with enterprise CRM solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP.



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