What is Open Source CRM?

When planning to implement CRM software systems for your business, you will be confronted with two options or models. The premium price point commercial solutions and open source CRM software solutions.

What is the difference between open source versus the non-open source CRM software frameworks? That is one of the question that you are likely to ask if you are planning your implementation. The main difference lies in the fact that one is free and open for customizations while the other is premium.

Premium Licenses Vs Open Source CRM

The difference lies in the licensing. The premium software or proprietary software is generally developed, licensed and deployed by a profit-seeking company.  Whilst the open source models have their source codes freely provided and open to the developer community. That means you can have the source code and do whatever you want with it without grappling with intellectual property issues. For the proprietary software vendors, the source code is basically a trade secret.

There are many licenses under which the open source CRM software, like other open source software, are distributed. These are generally approved by the OSI or the Open Source Initiative. Several CRM solutions will modify these open source CRM tools under any of the available licenses that are available for the distribution of the software. But there are constraints that are placed on the limits of use of these licenses. A reputable software vendor will know what license to use for an open source CRM project.

Reduced Costs

Open source models do not have the costs and limitations that come with the premium software. However at the same time you will need technical skills in order to customize and deploy these in your business processes. Open source CRM software models are generally community driven and not paid staff-driven like the premium software.

The open source business model for the CRM software implementation generally has its advantages and disadvantages. With a reliable CRM implementation partner, you can turn the odds to your side and have a successful software implementation.

The Open Source CRM Software tools

Whether it is open source CRM software or proprietary software, it is still CRM software and will go through the same stages of planning and implementation. You will need the best developers to customize it to your unique needs. Then the next stage is to and install it on your premises or even on demand. Some organizations prefer hybrid CRM software installations.

Why should you choose open source CRM software?

As long as you have a reputable implementation partner, you should basically evaluate both the open source and proprietary CRM software tools based on similar considerations of needs and functionality. But open source does provide you with an advantage if you have cost constraints as they tend to be cheaper software. When you are implementing open source, you can look forward to a cost-effective software solution.

By choosing the right implementation partner of your open source CRM software system, these costs can be passed to you and you can look forward to a robust CRM tool at below market rates.

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