Your Challenges

Every growing organisation reaches a critical tipping point.

The very processes and systems that helped you this far begin to hold you back.

At the start, you and your business technology are best friends. Your process software helps you manage everything from cash flow to customer service.

But soon the cracks appear:

  • reports no longer give you relevant data;
  • customer satisfaction falls as fulfillment falters;
  • new projects are slowed down by non-integrating workflow information…

And so you and your staff work harder to compensate….

You don’t have to put with it

Simply replace obstructive legacy software with Open Source – the intelligent, flexible and cost-efficient way to run and grow your business.


  • Reduced operational costs – increased efficiency and productivity especially from systems integration, improved workflow, automation and better resource allocation
  • Improved Customer Service – streamlining workflow to reduce delays, errors and re-work, improving collaboration and delegation
  • Better Decision Making – providing management with real-time end-to-end visibility into their business.

Open Source – it’s automated, integrated, intelligent, secure – and it’s configured uniquely to how you want to run your business.

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Other Open Source CRM Softwares

“We have been working with Accellier for a year now and they have implemented a highly customised vtiger CRM solution for us. Since the solution has gone live we have seen an increase in sales of 17%, a decrease in admin time of 15%, the number of incorrect/incomplete orders being rejected has decreased by 96%, all of our business reporting has been fully automated and the new solution saves me 3 days of manual data manipulation/analysis every month so I would consider this project to have been a great success and would have no hesitation in recommending Accellier.”

Ashwin Antony, Managing Director at GasElectric Renewals Ltd (Milton Keynes, UK)