Independent Consultants and Software Developers Specialising in Low Code and Open Source CRM and ERP Solutions and other business applications.

We typically help businesses ranging from very small through to mid-market achieve 20% to 60% productivity gains, become more effective, improve customer satisfaction levels, and realise more value from their data.

We focus on delivering RESULTS AT A BUSINESS LEVEL – you get GUARANTEED IMPROVEMENTS from day one.

Does your business suffer from:

  • Disorganised processes?
  • Inefficient and inadequate customer outcomes?
  • Multiple versions of Excel spreadsheets?
  • People trapped behind spreadsheets?
  • Old technology?
  • No workflow or limited collaboration?
  • Data overload, no information?
  • Limited reporting, no real time management dashboards?

How we help you:

We can analyse your current processes and systems to diagnose the exact cause of any dissatisfaction.

We provide the precise Open Source solutions that you require, and adapt them as necessary to meet your exact operational needs.

We help you integrate and implement the new software with minimum disruption, provide training, ongoing support and show you how to continually improve your business.

And YOU enjoy improved productivity, tighter control of your operations and better business insight.