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Dolibarr CRM/ERP to Sage Integration

After implementing Dolibarr CRM/ERP many businesses prefer to continue doing their accounting in their existing accountancy software such as Sage, and many bookkeepers and accountants also prefer this approach as they are familiar with the software.
This integration is provided as an installable package (along with documented installation instructions), more technically minded customers may be able to install this themselves, otherwise we are also able to support customers with installation/set up services.
Dolibarr to Sage Flow
 – Customers
 – Products/Pricing
 – Customer Invoices
 – Supplier Invoices
Sage to Dolibarr Flow
 – When invoices are marked as paid, the payment status is brought back into Dolibarr.
NOTE: This is a standard out-of-the-box integration, if your requirements are different please contact us for further information and pricing.
Supported Dolibarr versions
This integration was originally developed for Dolibarr version 18 to 18.04.
Earlier version of Dolibarr have not been tested yet, if you would like to use this Sage integration with an earlier version of Dolibarr please contact us and we can look at testing it/modifying it for you.
£450 +VAT per year, which includes support for bug fixes, general assistance/guidance and upgrades for new Dolibarr versions (for compliance under thre EU GDPR Regulations customers need to continually upgrade and stay on current supported software versions as these include critical security patches).
A license price is for a single domain/subdomain/IP address.
For customers who need support with module installation/set up we charge £60 +VAT per hour. 
IMPORTANT: For those customers who are hosting Dolibarr internally on their office network, it needs to be accessible remotely on a domain/subdomain and with an appropriate SSL certificate installed, installing the Sage integration itself and providing training usually takes under 2 hours. 97% of all issues that arise is usually when the networking side isn’t set up correctly.