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Is Open Source CRM Suitable for Large Businesses?

Open Source CRM and Large Businesses The adoption of open source business applications including open source CRM in large businesses is increasing exponentially year on year as enterprises seek to cut costs and drive innovation. For the last 40 years, open source software has powered everything from TV remote controls, washing machines, PC’s, smartphones and other devices right […]

How to Evaluate Open Source CRM Software

So which open source CRM applications are right for you? When it comes to choosing the right open source software for your needs, there are important tips as well as best practices that you will need to consider. You need to delve deeper in order to learn the various advantages as well as disadvantages of […]

How Realistic is Your Open Source CRM Implementation Timeline?

So you have finally decided to implement a new Open Source CRM solution, you have high expectations. You think that this new Open Source CRM software is going to solve all of your problems your organization is facing. However, sometimes those expectations can be misaligned and, unfortunately, that is one of the greatest causes of […]

CRM, CRMplus or ERP: Whats the difference between them and which one do you need?

Quite a few people struggle to understand the differences between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as some of the capabilities exist within both systems. Both CRM and ERP systems have CRM capabilities, they can handle company and contact information, track opportunities, notes and store lots of details about orders. However […]

The Best Way to Plan and Start a Successful Open Source ERP Project (Updated for 2023)

This is the first article we have written on how to plan and launch a highly successful Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project. Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are the cash cows of the technology sector. The ERP sector mainly consists of large businesses who have spent decades charging handsome license fees […]

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Implementing Open Source ERP

Introduction to Open Source ERP Solutions ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. ERP describes a kind of software that businesses use to enable and support a company’s business strategy. These include such functions as accounting, project management, procurement, risk management and compliance, and supply-chain operations. In addition, a complete ERP software suite includes […]